2021 -- A Year to Celebrate!

2021 is a big year for LLL supporters. Friends of La Leche League is celebrating our 35th anniversary of connecting active and former LLL Leaders. Please visit the new History page of this website for more information about the founding of the LLL Alumnae Association and its transformation over the years into the Friends of La Leche League organization of today.
Also this year, La Leche League International is celebrating its 65th Anniversary! Plans are firming up for the LLLI 65th Anniversary Conference to be held in October of this year. This special event will include the “We Remember” ceremony honoring LLL Leaders who have died since our last ceremony, which was held during the Friends of La Leche League trip to New Orleans in November 2019. To commemorate this significant anniversary, Friends of LLL is offering a special LLLI 65th Anniversary pin. This unique pin has copper plating with blue enamel, the number 65 with logo, and a sapphire blue stone; inscribed around the perimeter is “LA LECHE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTING FAMILIES SINCE 1956.” For as low as $4.00 per pin (in bulk orders), this truly special pin makes a wonderful gift — for others or for yourself! — to celebrate the important work of LLLI and Leaders over the past 65 years.

Happy celebrating!

We invite you to browse our site and learn more about the Friends of La Leche League (formerly the LLL Alumnae Association).

Let’s connect if you are:

  • an active or retired La Leche League Leader
  • a current or former La Leche League member
  • breastfeeding
  • a parent of a child from toddler to teen to adult
  • a grandparent
  • an advocate for breastfeeding!

2021 Mini-Grants Applications Now Open

Do you have an idea for a special project and need seed money to get started? Friends of La Leche League is now accepting applications for our 2021 Mini-Grants. This year we are offering grants of up to $2500 for as many as six individual proposals that support the Friends of La Leche League mission.

Applications must be submitted by September 30, 2021, and funded projects must be completed within nine months of the award. Full information about the Mini-Grants program — along with the application form and instructions — can be found on our Mini-Grants page. Thank you to our 2021 Mini-Grant Team: Cathy Baldizon; Paula Clay; Anne Hutton; and Susan Lawrence. They are looking forward to reviewing this year’s applications and funding many innovative projects!

Virtual Happy Hours for Friends of LLL

Following the success of our first two virtual happy hours, Friends of La Leche League has decided to make these events a regular occurrence. Meeting via Zoom in small groups has been a wonderful way to connect with Friends near and far. Please check our blog and FaceBook Group for details about upcoming Virtual Happy Hour events. We hope you will join us!

Honoring LLL Friends

Since the year 2000, Friends of La Leche League has honored deceased LLL Leaders through the “We Remember” program. Leaders are listed on our website by name and year of death. A ceremony in which the Leaders names are read was initiated at the 2001 LLL International Conference and has been held at conferences and Friends of LLL trips since then. To honor all deceased Leaders, we urge Friends who learn of the death of any LLL Leader to pass along information using this “We Remember” Form.

Friends of LLL also wants to honor all individuals who have inspired us. Our Tributes page includes personalized tributes honoring special people. Tributes are posted on our website for one year and included in Continuum magazine. You can write a tribute honoring someone important to you by using this form.

Because honoring those who have inspired us and shared their insights and wisdom is such a core part of the Friends of LLL mission, we have altered our website main menu to make it easier for people to access these pages. The “Honors” option on our main menu provides direct access to the “We Remember” and Tributes pages, as well as to the forms for submitting information for each of these. Friends of La Leche League is proud to honor those whose work and lives have inspired us through our lives.

Friends of La Leche League Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends of La Leche League is to support La Leche League as a resource and inspiration for future generations, encourage lifelong connections with the LLL community, and share the insights and wisdom that began with the breastfeeding relationship.


For $30 per year, Friends of La Leche League members receive four issues of our new online newsletter Continuum. Members are also eligible for discounts in registration fees for Friends of La Leche League trips. To join or renew your membership, please join here.


Friends of La Leche League welcomes donations that fund our operations or specifically to support our Mini-Grants program. If you would like to make a donation, please donate here.


Friends of La Leche League tributes provide you the opportunity to honor Friends, colleagues, family, mentors, or cherished friends. Tributes appear in our members’ newsletter, Continuum and are published on the website for one year. Please see our current tribute listings.

Annual tributes are just $20 each. If you wish to honor someone special to you, please make a tribute here.

YouTube Channel

Videos created by Friends of LLL can be viewed on the Friends of La Leche League YouTube channel which you can access here.


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It doesn’t matter who came first or second.Love isn’t measured this way.It doesn’t matter who sleeps through the night,I still find myself scrolling through photos of you both when I should be sleeping.It doesn’t matter if you take it all in your stride or if you clutch onto my leg, my heart is with you both no matter how you walk through life’s journey.It doesn’t matter if you smother me with kisses or prefer your own space, I breathe you both in when those hugs do come all the same.It doesn’t matter if you yell at the top of your lungs or whisper softly in my ear.I hear you.It doesn’t matter if you do cartwheels across the room or sit quietly playing alone, please know that I see you, always.It doesn’t matter how you were fed, breast or bottle, you both look at me like I’m your entire world.It doesn’t matter your age or stage, it’s all so new, deliciously different as each of you are.It doesn’t matter who did what first, there’s no race, lifes pages are turning quickly and all I want to do is bookmark this for a little while.It doesn’t matter if my arms are full, though my back has seen better days.It doesn’t matter who had more time before the other arrived, truth is I can’t remember a time where you weren’t mine.It doesn’t matter who came first or second.There is no more or no less.Just my first unconditional loves the second my life truly begun..................................................Words: @jessurlichs_writer ‘From One Mom to a Mother’ www.jessicaurlichs.com/shop Art: @chloe_trayhurn_art ... See MoreSee Less
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For anyone feeling alone today. We all need each other. Warning: brief mention of Higher Power/Supreme Being.This ones for the givers.The ones who show up and again and again, (even when it’s hard, and even when it’s inconvenient).The ones who love and serve in ways that often goes unseen and unappreciated. The ones who’ve loved hard and with their whole hearts- and sometimes that’s meant being burned.The ones who try really really hard. The ones who read a post about being a good friend and their heart hurts because they ARE good friends and they never quite feel like it’s reciprocal.The ones who do the right thing even though they know it may go unnoticed.The ones who always pour out, but don’t always feel poured into. You give and give and give and sometimes you get tired. Sometimes your feelings are hurt because why doesn’t it seem to go both ways. Sometimes your heart hurts from disappointment and it hurts deep. You’re resilient. You’re strong. But sometimes you just get tired. So so tired.We just want to say we see you.The gifts you give leave ripples and make marks and change lives in ways you may never know earth side.It’s not for nothing.And even if no one seems to notice I guarantee God does, and he’s proud of you.And sister, let me say one more thing, it’s okay to rest. It’s okay to put down all those things you hold together for the ones you love. It’s okay to give less sometimes and for some seasons. Take care of you.Because you matter. You really really matter. Love,Jess. ... See MoreSee Less
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