We invite you to browse our site and learn more about the Friends of La Leche League (formerly the LLL Alumnae Association).

Let’s connect if you are:

  • an active or retired La Leche League Leader
  • a current or former La Leche League member
  • breastfeeding
  • a parent of a child from toddler to teen to adult
  • a grandparent
  • an advocate for breastfeeding!

Friends of La Leche League Mission

The mission of the Friends of La Leche League is to support La Leche League as a resource and inspiration for future generations, encourage lifelong connections with the LLL community, and share the insights and wisdom that began with the breastfeeding relationship.

Honoring LLL Friends

Since the year 2000, Friends of La Leche League has honored deceased LLL Leaders through the “We Remember” program. Leaders are listed on our website by name and year of death. A ceremony in which the Leaders names are read was initiated at the 2001 LLL International Conference and has been held at conferences and Friends of LLL trips since then. To honor all deceased Leaders, we urge Friends who learn of the death of any LLL Leader to pass along information using this “We Remember” Form.

Friends of LLL also wants to honor all individuals who have inspired us. Our Tributes page includes personalized tributes honoring special people. Tributes are posted on our website for one year and included in Continuum magazine. You can write a tribute honoring someone important to you by using this form.

Because honoring those who have inspired us and shared their insights and wisdom is such a core part of the Friends of LLL mission, we have altered our website main menu to make it easier for people to access these pages. The “Honors” option on our main menu provides direct access to the “We Remember” and Tributes pages, as well as to the forms for submitting information for each of these. Friends of La Leche League is proud to honor those whose work and lives have inspired us through our lives.

Virtual Happy Hours for Friends of LLL

With the success of our first two virtual happy hours, Friends of La Leche League has decided to make these events a regular occurrence. Meeting via Zoom in small groups has been a wonderful way to connect with Friends near and far. Please check our blog and FaceBook Group for details about upcoming Virtual Happy Hour events. We hope you will join us!

More Mini-Grants!

In a departure from the past, Friend of La Leche League is excited to award Mini-Grants in two consecutive years. We are receiving reports on the progress of the 2020 Mini-Grant award projects, and will be sharing more information on our Mini-Grants page and via Continuum. We are now assembling the 2021 Mini-Grant Team and will be opening the application process soon! If you have an interest in serving on the Mini-Grants team working with applicants and making grant selections, please volunteer here.
We are so pleased to be able to fund so many innovative projects around the globe that further our mission.

New Website

We have received so much positive feedback about the new Friends of La Leche League website! With a simpler design, better graphics, more photos, and integration with our social media feeds, our new website is making it much easier for Friends to connect. And the technology platform has proven to be much easier for us to maintain and update. Please continue to share your thoughts about the new website by contacting us at info@friendsoflll.org.


For $30 per year, Friends of La Leche League members receive four issues of our new online newsletter Continuum. Members are also eligible for discounts in registration fees for Friends of La Leche League trips. To join or renew your membership, please join here.


Friends of La Leche League welcomes donations that fund our operations or specifically to support our Mini-Grants program. If you would like to make a donation, please donate here.


Friends of La Leche League tributes provide you the opportunity to honor Friends, colleagues, family, mentors, or cherished friends. Tributes appear in our members’ newsletter, Continuum and are published on the website for one year. Please see our current tribute listings.

Annual tributes are just $20 each. If you wish to honor someone special to you, please make a tribute here.

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La maternidad como es. Es alegre, es triste, es agotadora, es satisfactoria, es real. Así es la maternidad, la de todos los días, la de todas nosotras. Sin estereotipos. Hablemos de ella como es, con amor. Amemos la maternidad como es, real.Aprendemos a ser madres, sin instructivos. Aprendemos gracias a esa comunicación no verbal. Enseñamos también al bebé a comunicarse gracias al diálogo que establecemos desde el momento del parto o quizás hasta del momento del embarazo. No nos damos cuenta de que estamos haciendo un gran esfuerzo y un gran trabajo que nunca o casi nunca es reconocido. ¡Vaya tarea que estamos haciendo cada día!La maternidad tiene posibilidades infinitas. No hay reglas que realmente la rijan. Somos las mejores madres que nuestros hijos tienen y aprendemos sobre la marcha.Vayamos despacio, haciéndonos preguntas, reconociendo que el camino tiene bifurcaciones y que a veces puede tener la imagen de una mesa llena de platillos diversos: unos son dulces, otros agrios, otros salados y otros sublimes.Tratemos de saber que sí podemos pedir ayuda, intentemos reconocer que no podemos solas y que necesitamos de una red de apoyo que nos contenga y nos ayude a establecer esta bella conversación con este ser que acaba de comenzar a conocer el mundo de afuera.Con la constante pregunta, reflexión y sobre todo, el acompañamiento de todas las personas que tenemos a nuestro alrededor, sin duda, será una tarea más sencilla. Nos tenemos a nosotras. Podemos tendernos la mano unas a otras, sin competencia, sin envidia, sin juicio. Hablemos desde el corazón y reconozcamos nuestro esfuerzo. No dudes en pedir ayuda a una Líder. Es una mamá, igual que tú, que ha superado retos, que se ha planteado metas y que ha disfrutado de su lactancia y su maternidad.La maternidad, como es.laligadelaleche.org.mx/directoriolllmx/##diadelamadre #maternidad #DíaDeLaMadre #MothersDay #Mamá #madre #ligadelalecheméxico ...
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Timeline PhotosHappy Mother's Day to all of the mothers in our LLL community. We celebrate your contribution to family and to all of society. In appreciation for all that you give and all that you are, thank you! Wishing you an especially beautiful Mother's Day, 2021 <3 ...
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