We invite you to browse our site and learn more about the Friends of La Leche League (formerly the LLL Alumnae Association).

Let’s connect if you are:

  • an active or retired La Leche League Leader
  • a current or former La Leche League member
  • breastfeeding
  • a parent of a child from toddler to teen to adult
  • a grandparent
  • an advocate for breastfeeding!

Friends of La Leche League Mission

The mission of the Friends of La Leche League is to support La Leche League as a resource and inspiration for future generations, encourage lifelong connections with the LLL community, and share the insights and wisdom that began with the breastfeeding relationship.

First Members' Happy Hour a Big Success; Next Happy Hour Scheduled

Friends of La Leche League hosted its first virtual Happy Hour on Thursday, February 18th.  Sixteen Friends of LLL members from across the United States gathered via Zoom to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. We talked about what is happening in our lives today and reminisced about fun LLL memories from long ago as well.

The event was a huge success, and everyone enjoyed the time together. Participants requested that we host Happy Hours on a regular schedule going forward. We look forward to connect up with more Friends at these virtual events until we can meet together in person safely again.

Our next virtual Happy Hour has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 24th at 8:30 pm EDT (7:30 CDT, 6:30 MDT, 5:30 PDT). To ensure the best experience for participants, space is limited. To join us, interested Friends of LLL members should email President Gail Moak as soon as possible and we will then reply with the password to register. We hope to see you there!

More Mini-Grants!

In a departure from the past, Friend of La Leche League is excited to award Mini-Grants in two consecutive years. We are receiving reports on the progress of the 2020 Mini-Grant award projects, and will be sharing more information on our Mini-Grants page and via Continuum. We are now assembling the 2021 Mini-Grant Team and will be opening the application process soon! If you have an interest in serving on the Mini-Grants team working with applicants and making grant selections, please volunteer here.
We are so pleased to be able to fund so many innovative projects around the globe that further our mission.

New Website

We have received so much positive feedback about the new Friends of La Leche League website! With a simpler design, better graphics, more photos, and integration with our social media feeds, our new website is making it much easier for Friends to connect. And the technology platform has proven to be much easier for us to maintain and update. Please continue to share your thoughts about the new website by contacting us at info@friendsoflll.org.


For $30 per year, Friends of La Leche League members receive four issues of our new online newsletter Continuum. Members are also eligible for discounts in registration fees for Friends of La Leche League trips. To join or renew your membership, please join here.


Friends of La Leche League welcomes donations that fund our operations or specifically to support our Mini-Grants program. If you would like to make a donation, please donate here.


Friends of La Leche League tributes provide you the opportunity to honor Friends, colleagues, family, mentors, or cherished friends. Tributes appear in our members’ newsletter, Continuum and are published on the website for one year. Please see our current tribute listings.

Annual tributes are just $20 each. If you wish to honor someone special to you, please make a tribute here.

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Toddlers are babies, too! 🤱🤱🏿🤱🏻🤱🏾🤱🏼🤱🏽❤ BABY FACT ❤When babies are picked up and carried, their heart rate slows and they automatically and deeply relax.Most of us already know that babies love to be held and carried, and will often cry when they are put down. This fact is obvious for most parents, but the reason as to why is something that scientists are just beginning to understand.Research has shown that babies deeply relax when they are carried and there is a physiological reason.It is an evolutionary instinct that causes crying babies to calm down when they are picked up and carried in their mothers arms (although it does work with other caregivers as well). Their heart rate slows down and they become “deeply” relaxed as a result of a coordinated set of nervous, motor and cardiac regulations.It is believed that this calming response is a survival trait seen in many mammals (including lions and squirrels) that reduces the “maternal burden of carrying”, making it more pleasurable to carry their babies and creates a benefit for both the mother and the infant.Humans (as well as many other mammals) are a carrying species and our babies are born with this innate desire and predictable positive response.You cannot spoil a newborn by holding and carrying them too much! Pick them up, wear them, cuddle them. Nature intended this for you and for them. We were designed this way for a reason. ❤❤❤Photo courtesy of Lola Melani Photography 📸Click her to get my Free Webinar, Breastfeeding and Alcohol 👩‍🍼🍷mybabyexperts.live/BreastfeedingandAlcohol ...
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Timeline PhotosWe love Indigenous Milk Medicine art! The significance is powerful @moe.butterfly.art:・・・“Giving thanks to the Mother ✊🏽💕 As a 2-Spirit, transmasc person, I’ve never really felt a want or need to be a “mother” someday. My relatives would dream of the day I would become a mother but there has always been a huge disconnect there (this is just my personal experience and there are so many cool transmasc people that do have their own children and rock being parents!!!) But one relationship that has always been super important to me is the one I have with Mother Earth. That relationship has always been an intimate one for me, and that is truly when my feminine spirit comes out, through this bond. So I really wanted to make a piece for her, taking care of all of us with Creator looking over her shoulder ☺️”#StrongResilientLatched #NativeBreastfeedingWeek #IndigenousMilkMedicine***don’t forget to fill out our survey bit.ly/39TYPwI*** ...
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